My Little Photo Show

A Doe Show


This was not a "real" show, but a show at the end of a class (see first show). I took Advanced Photography again from the same teacher in spring/summer 2007 and came up with a Man/Nature/Intersection theme. Below are notes on how it was done.

Spacing/Sizes - The above spacing is close to the spacing I had in the show, although the outside edge around everything was square. The small pictures were printed
5" X 7" and framed two to a frame. The two large pictures were printed at 11" X 14". The "Blue Window" was printed at 18" X 24", poster size, small.

I almost went for all B&W pictures except for "Blue Window," but in the end I decided not to do that. "Blue Window," naturally, is what drew people to my pictures and what most
commented on. But I also noticed that, for many people, after it drew them, they stayed a while and looked at the other photos as well. I did not stand next to my pictures so as to
overhear comments, I was pretty tired. I also showed up to the opening night an hour late (we had set up that afternoon and I needed to recoup). However, about four people
(teacher and three students), told me I was the hit of the show. Since I was late, the crowd had dwindled, but I also noticed quite a few people looking at "Blue Window" myself.

"Blue Window" - I wasn't that happy with how it came out. But I wisely only mentioned that to about three people. I felt/feel it was/is more "cartoony" than I wanted.
I got the concept of using a window about 1/2 way through shooting my project. I knew I wanted some sort of montage/collage and I rejected some of my more
outre ideas (some 3-D displays, sort of sculpture with photos added, although they would have been simple. I may try that sometime in the future.)

The problem was I needed a photo in the main pane of the window to tie the window and whole project together. I was trying to find an oak on a hill, late day,
lots of golden sunlight, with either a freeway or a city/town in the background. I discovered, however, that all the oaks near freeways were on private and
fenced in land. So I returned to the open space I had been at before and hiked further back in. I got, instead, a rock, a tree, rolling foothills, and Walnut Creek
with some high rises in the background. But I literally took it at the last minute, Wednesday night. The last class was Thursday night and the show was Friday night.

So I was left with little time to work on the window part. I wanted to digitally paint a semi-photo-realistic window. Instead, lacking time, I upsized a small pic of a blue window
and since it pixelated so much I "artified" it to cover that up. The hardest part was sizing the window so the outstide would be 18" X 24" and the interior rectangles would be rectangular
and not square. I used Distort, Freeform, to size the window before dragging my photos into it. It worked well enough. I printed two sheets 19" X 13", since that is the biggest
my Epson R1800 can print, and then aligned the edges of the picture in the middle so the seam would not show that much. I had gotten an estimate from a local lab that for them
to print it it would run about $150. So I did my own poster. :-) And most people didn't think the seam was that noticeable and were really intriqued that it could be done at all.

Click on any thumbnail to see all the photographs more close-up.