Doe's Show

 Blue Sky Montage Shaded Trail Wood Montage
Big Barn
"Contra Costa Country"

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I took an Advanced Photography Workshop in the spring of 2003. It ended in a little show at a local community center. It ran for a month and had an opening night on Friday, June 13. This is the way the photographs are hung in the show. All the frames I used are the same size, so the different picture sizes are not that noticeable when matted and framed. I live in Contra Costa County.

The montages generated the most interest opening night. I find them pretty simple and they are the sort of thing long done by graphic artists. But some people acted like they had never seen anything like it before. The ones shown here are actually the rejects; the ones that I ended up cutting a little wrong -- usually too close to the edge. Other than that, they are identical to those in the show. The montages were scanned in from the rejected prints and resampled to a smaller size. The others are from direct slide scans, also resampled.

My favorites are the barn, closely followed by the tree. (Luckily some other people really liked them too.) Except for one other student, I may have had the most unified theme in the show -- in a magazine layout sense. However, at least 3-4 other students in the class were better photographers than I. Probably more. ;-)

Note: In these web pages these are the only pre-2005 photos that I am displaying. They were taken with a film camera.

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